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Technology for fast brain functional imaging

Mobile diagnostic of stroke

  • Based on electromagnetic tomographic technology
  • Provides dynamic 3D functional images of the brain
  • Can be applied during patient transportation
    in an emergency vehicle or helicopter
  • Absolutely safe for patients and medical staff

Technology in details

In action

How will it work

EMTensor takes dynamic 3D
"electromagnetic snapshots" of the brain.
The acquired data is then quickly sent via wireless connection to a server for a functional 3D brain image reconstruction.

The reconstructed 3D brain images then delivered almost instantaneously to a treating physician or emergency department personnel for diagnostic. Clinical decision, based on imaging results must be made within 3 hours of the onset of symptoms.

What do the images look like?


EMTensor is a start-up research and development company pioneering innovative electromagnetic technology for biomedical imaging and therapeutics.

Our solutions solve a wide variety of issues in diagnostics of stroke and brain trauma.



Vienna, Austria
Our founder

Prof. Serguei Semenov

Doctor of Science and an expert in biomedical imaging.

years of R&D
4 Patents Pending

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Clinical partners

Join us

At the moment we are conducting clinical testing. We would be happy to welcome you as our partners.
We believe that EMTensor technology has huge potential in terms of development and availability in everyday life. Let’s do it together!
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